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Our Range of Ride On "Toys"

Here at MadFun we have carefully selected what we consider to be the best range of ride on toys, from the smaller classic pedal cars to the meaty petrol off road karts ! We have a very good relationship with the sole importer of these karts and with the warehouse being so close we can take you to see the whole range. Phone us now on 01342 833 464 to make arrangements

Go Karts
Go Kart uk
Petrol Off Road Karts

Bocart Petrol Off Road Go Karts

Did you ever want a petrol driven go-kart as a child ? Well now you can buy one for your children that you can use yourself ! These Bocarts are powered by Honda engines and range from 5hp up to the Extreme at 13hp ! They are great off road fun and generally make the driver smile the whole time ! We have test driven the whole range and can offer valuable advice for anyone thinking of adding some power into their garden activities. 

Click here for our full range of petrol off road go karts

Go Kart uk
Dino Cars
Pedal Go Karts

Dino Cars Pedal Go Karts

If finance and garden space is limited then Dino Cars provide a suitable alternative to the Bocart. These heavy-duty German-made pedal Go-Karts come with a long guarantees. What makes the Dino car range special is that these cars are particularly robust, and are often chosen by theme parks, camp sites and other organisations where daily use by many children and adults can be very demanding on the vehicle - most other "toy" go carts do not last long in such environments!

Click here for our full range of pedal go karts

Go Kart uk
Classic Pedal Cars

Pedal Cars

Do you remember your first pedal car ? We all had them, and now you can give your children the same. These classic metal pedal cars offer great looks with modern safety features. There are five cars and two trains in the range, so something for everyone. Click below for more details.

Click here for our full range of pedal cars

Go Kart uk
Radio Flyer
Quality American Ride Ons

Radio Flyer Toys

Radio Flyer's Ride-Ons put children in the driver's seat of their imagination. Whether they are learning the rules of the road, taking a rocket ship to the moon, or winning the big race, Radio Flyer's Ride-Ons make childhood dreams soar. Classic retro styling and quality craftsmanship are features of every Radio Flyer Ride-On. These toys are classics, and can be passed on for generations of imaginative children to come. Radio Flyer Ride-Ons help the dreams and wonder of childhood truly take flight.

Click here for our full range of Radio Flyer Toys

Go karts

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